Beer Dinners

From time to time we offer an exceptional Beer-Pairing Dinner Experience. These dinners are typically either 4 or 5 courses, each paired with a beer from one outstanding brewery. The featured brewery sends a representative to host the dinner and give some insight into their brewing techniques and history, and usually they bring some cool stuff to give out to the attendees.

These dinners are a great way to experience new beers, meet like-minded beer enthusiasts, and also an opportunity to try some of the best food that has ever come out of our kitchen! We always strive to keep the pairing menu original, exceptional, and enticing.

Unlike some “beer tasting menus”, guests never leave our dinners feeling hungry or unsatisfied – this is truly an exceptional value!

We seat up to 40 people at the dinners, and space fills up quickly so be sure to sign up before it sells out!

CALL 732-543-2408 TO SIGN UP!